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Eijerkamp descendants celebrate enormous triumphs in Morocco

Eijerkamp descendants celebrate enormous triumphs in Morocco

Morocco is an emerging pigeon racing country, with many younger enthusiasts participating in the sport. Especially in Casablanca, the largest city in the country, there are many practitioners of the sport. Additionally, the OLR (One Loft Races) in Morocco are becoming increasingly important and gaining popularity. The import of pigeons from Europe is officially nearly impossible, but the pigeons that do make it into the country significantly boost performance, leading to many great successes. Among these are numerous achievements with descendants of Eijerkamp pigeons from the top lines of Heremans-Ceusters and Stefaan Lambrechts. Below are a few of the recent successes with a high Eijerkamp percentage in their bloodlines.
1. Final Derby Marrakech OLR and carwinner Frere Goufrane
The final of the Derby Marrakech covered a distance of 490 km, with 102 pigeons remaining in competition from the initial 754 that started. The final was also challenging, but the eventual winner was Frere Ghoufrane with the pigeon MA23-49572 "Haaland", which was recorded after 9 hours and almost 15 minutes at a speed of 883 m.p.m. This pigeon ultimately also became the 2. Ace Pigeon in the race with the following classifications.

  • 1. Final (480 km) 102 pigeons 883 m.p.m.
  • 11. Race 1 (120 km) 444 pigeons 1,097 m.p.m.
  • 12. Race 3 (220 km) 328 pigeon 1,219 m.p.m.
  • 15. Semi-Final (300 km) 199 pigeons 961 m.p.m.
  • 22. Race 2 (160 km) 366 pigeons 1.157 m.p.m.

With these rankings, "Haaland" wins a car for Frere Ghoufrane.

In "Haaland's pedigree, we see the grandfather "Dion Prince", who won 1. Semi-National Argana against 7,959 pigeons. The grandparents of this top pigeon are all direct Eijerkamp pigeons.
His father, "Admirabel", was bred from NL13-1803539NL13-1803539, a grandson of top pigeon Dion"Dion" X NL13-1803225NL13-1803225, who is bred from the grandson of Rossi"Rossi" and Euro"Euro".
The mother of "Dion Prince" was bred from NL13-1804575NL13-1804575, which was bred from the son of "Blauwe Prins" X granddaughter of "Bak 17" X NL13-1803878NL13-1803878, which is a granddaughter of "Miss Joice" from the late Andre Verbesselt.

Descendants "Mister Dion" won 39x 1. Prize
"Mister Dion" is one of the best breeders at the Diamond Elite Center in Morocco, and this champion is now the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of 39 pure first prize winners and/or ace pigeons. This champion is also a pure Heremans-Ceusters, and both parents are direct Eijerkamp pigeons. His father is once again NL13-1803539NL13-1803539, a grandson of Dion"Dion", who was crowned 5. Olympiad pigeon Short-distance at the Eijerkamp lofts, X NL13-1803225NL13-1803225, who is bred from a grandson of Rossi"Rossi" and Euro"Euro". The mother of "Mister Dion" was bred from a grandson of Valitas"Valitas" (R. Bakker and Son) X "Lady Sanafi".

Partnership El Azoua & Motaki; 1. Aragana against 20,929 pigeons
The city of Casablanca is located in the west of the country on the Atlantic Ocean, and the pigeon races for the enthusiasts from Casablanca are flown from the south-southeast direction, starting with the release of more than 40,000 pigeons for the Grand Casablanca district. In the Aragana race, 20,929 pigeons were released by the Federation Colombophile Grand Casablanca (FCGC), and the victory went to a 2-year-old cock MA22-63962 "Olympic Rudy" from the El Azoua & Motaki partnership. This blue cock was the fastest in the entire competition and was bred from a double grandson of the famous "Rudy" from Gaby Vandenabeele paired with "Olympic Dina", winner of 2 first prizes. This pure Heremans-Ceusters is 75% Eijerkamp blood, as the father is a son of NL11-1341906NL11-1341906, a granddaughter of Euro"Euro". The mother of "Olympic Dina" is NL18-1628705NL18-1628705, a granddaughter of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" and Dion"Dion". This NL18-1628705NL18-1628705 "Miss Olympiade" is herself already the mother of 3 first prize winners.

"Olympic Rudy" wins his second first prize with this victory, having previously won 1. prize against 978 pigeons in a 283 km race, and now the 1. Argana (323 km) against 20,929 pigeons.
Loft Bourouiss; 2. Ounagha against 19,371 pigeons
Narrowly defeated by a few seconds, sports friend Bourouiss now wins 2. Ounagha race (279 km) against 19,371 pigeons. In his club, APPSS, this was good for 1. prize against 2,281 pigeons. The father is a crossbreed with well-known lines from Rik Cools, Marcel Aelbrecht, and Benny Steveninck, while the mother is a 75% Eijerkamp pigeon from a son of NL12-1233580NL12-1233580, daughter of Rossi"Rossi" X Kadootje"Kadootje", paired with NL19-1413248NL19-1413248, a granddaughter of Jackpot"Jackpot" and Euro"Euro".

In the same race, the previously mentioned El Azoua and Motaki partnership won 4.prize against 19,371 pigeons with a grandson of NL14-1606216NL14-1606216, a pure Stefaan Lambrechts from "Stefaan 162" X "Bendner", both of which are independently and together (grand)parents of 2 first prize winners at the Eijerkamp lofts. The MA22-30845 also won 1. Ounagha (379 km) race against 2,489 pigeons in the club, and thus 4. in the FCGC against 19,371 pigeons.