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<b>GREAT RESULT:</b> 3rd and 8th in the AS Golden Pigeon Final Winter Race Finale

GREAT RESULT: 3rd and 8th in the AS Golden Pigeon Final Winter Race Finale

A week ago, we reported a nice result in the Semi Finale of the AS Golden Pigeon Final Winter Race, where we secured the 3rd position. This week, the final took place, and once again, the result was fantastic. We secured the 3rd and 8th positions in the finale against 505 pigeons.
The conditions during the release of the AS Golden Final Winter Race were as follows: cloudy weather with a temperature of about 7 degrees and no wind. After a few kilometers, the weather cleared up with a little tailwind. For the last approximately 300 km, there was no wind, and the temperature in the early afternoon was about 14-15 degrees.
Our first pigeon was NL23-9101154NL23-9101154, and the second was NL23-9101364NL23-9101364.

The parents of the first pigeon are CRO21-07735 "Mr. Zagreb" and NL19-1413222NL19-1413222 "Ritual".
"Mr. Zagreb" had already proven himself in One Loft Races, securing a 3rd place on the Super final Derby Zagreb OLR over a distance of 600 km.
The mother, "Ritual", is a daughter of "New Ché" and a granddaughter of "Ché".

Our second pigeon, which secured the 8th position, NL23-9101364NL23-9101364, was bred from NL20-1249225NL20-1249225 "Cameron" and NL19-7007121NL19-7007121 "Sugar". This pigeon had already achieved the 3rd position in the Semi Final AS Golden Pigeon Race over 325 km against 607 pigeons a week ago.
The father, "Cameron" is a son of Bonte Stefaan"Bonte Stefaan" a pigeon that performed remarkably on the racing lofts and is the (grand)mother of many top pigeons. "Cameron" is also a grandson of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade", an excellent breeding pigeon acquired at a significant cost in a total auction by Leo Heremans.

The motherNL19-7007121NL19-7007121 "Sugar" is a daughter of "Hagrid" from the superb pair Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Kentucky"Kentucky". "Sugar" is a granddaughter of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x Rosie"Rosie" both of which have produced many top pigeons for One Loft Races.