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Racing pigeons at Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

Racing pigeons are a passion for Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. In 1950 Hans Eijerkamp 7) officially took his first steps in the pigeon sport. A self-made loft with a few pigeons in it was the beginning of a hobby that over the years has grown into what it is now. Naturally the hobby was combined with the furniture business. At the young age of 16 he began as a junior clerk in his father’s furniture store to learn all the ins and outs of furniture trade. Hans expanded the furniture business from a local shop into a well know name, in the residential furniture market both nationally and internationally. Meanwhile his two sons, Evert-Jan and Hans-Jaap, stepped into the furniture business with their father and since the year 2000 they have taken over the management from their father, giving Hans more time for his greatest passion, the pigeon sport. From the start, this passion was shared with all three of his sons, sadly the youngest son, Martin, in 1990, was killed in a traffic accident. Hans-Jaap due to personal circumstances stepped away from the pigeon sport, while Evert-Jan 61), perhaps due to these situations, became even more motivated. Beside his busy work schedule in the furniture business, Evert-Jan spends a lot of time among the pigeons, a place for him to relax and clear his mind and have some fun. Evert-Jan like his father, is a winner, with ultimately only one goal, to be the best!    

Team Eijerkamp
A team like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. During their entire career Hans and Evert-Jan have surrounded themselves with the best people, just like their pigeons, only the best. Henk Jurriëns (52) is Evert-Jan Eijerkamp’s right hand. Henk took his first steps at Eijerkamp when he was 14 years old. For many fanciers around the world, Henk is the contact person for Team Eijerkamp and the host to the many people who visit Greenfield Stud. Together with Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, he selects the breeding pairs at Brummen, in close consultation with Arnold Paalman. Kees van de Beek manages the racing pigeons.  Rick Wuestenenk has several breeding pigeons under his care. The rest of the breeders are cared for by Arnold Paalman, for many years a pillar and respected member of the Team and for many, a familiar face at the Greenfield Stud.   Since 2017 Oliver Sabol joined the Eijerkamp racing team and together with Kees van de Beek they are the responsible for taking care of the racing team. In addition, there are many people who left and right give the Team a helping hand. At the Eijerkamp lofts in Brummen only races from 100 to 750 km are flown. 
The passion, expertise and tireless efforts of the entire team provide for many successes with the pigeons, both from their own lofts, but also from the lofts of many other fanciers. The name, Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp is synonymous with quality, top performances and trust and to have achieved this and to continue in the same vein, the pigeon sport is skilfully practised at the very highest level.
Only the best breeding material must be used to maintain this level. The selection standards must be and are high. Many National Ace Pigeons, NPO winners, National winners and first prize winner have lodged and/or are housed in the Eijerkamp breeding lofts.